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I have been penning these poetic pieces for as long as I can remember and was “urged to share from within”.
I am both honoured and humbled by requests to hear more  and so I humbly oblige.
I have submitted ‘SERENITY’ and ‘THE WHY RIVER’.”
– Sherry Shill


I thank thee
Flowing rivers
Running calm
Gentle waves are washing all of us
Leaving each one clean and warm

Like the pebbled insecurity
Or the woods you watch drift by
O these ebbs and tides
Are necessary
We must change the water's line

Not just tidal markings' forum
Nor an oarspends' upper fine
Here the flecks turn into nuggets
Leave the nuggets for the mine

Here the cool, sweet stream flows freely
Here the echoes of the sky
When you look down at the water
You will marvel at what you find

There is this place called the why river
It flows silently for thee
You go there only at certain times
When 'you' really want to be 'ye'

All your kinfolk know about it
How it washes away all fears
That you go there when you are lonesome,lost and cannot feel your tears

When your sadness fills and wells you up
So as you can say no more
When your words are platforms,ridges,rungs and railings on the floor

Then you go there just to meditate ,
Hum until you find yourself
Wait until the ripples separate
And emancipate your wealth

Then and only then can you look down
A silver surface see
Your reflection reads and resonates
And then my dear you will be free