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“…It soon became clear that Emmanuelle is both talented and capable of organising and encouraging young people to take part in events… Her contribution to the local community has been tireless…I am sure that whatever she chooses to do it will involve the local community in a way that will engender their growth and ability to contribute fully to their community.”
Tina Alkaff, Trustee – Youth Action Alliance, RBKC and ex-manager of Inn on the Green (Oct 2017)

“Emmanuelle has been in contact with youth arts workers in my department for a number of years… She is now an accomplished performer who is able to use the spoken word to celebrate her culture and engage an audience”
Ian Comfort, Director of Community Education, RBKC (Sep 2003)

Wonderful Woman Dance Classes (RBKC, 2017):

”I really enjoyed your dance class this morning, it incorporated all the elements of stretching and bending, relaxing and bouncing with fun dance movements thrown in. I loved your choice of music and will come again. “
Kitty Mason, Headmistress of Holland Park Pre-Prep School and Day Nursery, 1990-Present)

“Thanks Emmanuelle for a great class. Not only am I learning new dance steps but I had a great workout too. Fantastic!”
Sally, 39 (Mother)

“Very competent teacher and knowledgeable about her subject. A really enjoyable and fun friendly atmosphere. Good choice of music to the particular dance routine, very helpful.”
Jacinta, 31 (Ex-Dance student and previously Events Manager at London Eye)

International Day Arabian Hip-Hop Dance Class to Year 1 Students (RBKC, 2017):

“It was so cool and brilliant, I wanna learn more breaking!”

“Boogy, I’d do it again yeah!”

“Its Zoomy-cool and extremely awesome!”

“It was fancy and cool, I want to do more!”

“The children had a fantastic time learning and dancing with Emmanuelle… It was a great way for them to get their bodies moving, they absolutely loved learning a new routine!” Miss Handy, Yr 1 Teacher at Kensington Primary Academy – KPA (WLFS)

Grenfell Voluntary Workshops/Fundraisers

“The immediate, tangible benefits of these workshops, as well as memorialising the voices of our young people are unquestionable and a vital part of this healing process. Community Relief supports Kamitan Arts’ application for funding to facilitate the continuation of this meaningful work.”
Neleswa McLean-Thorne, Community Relief Project Coordinator (Oct 2017)

“Lovely to see the smiles returning to local people’s faces after the Grenfell disaster. Many thanks to Emmanuelle Marcel and Poetry4Grenfell”
Jonathan Barnett, Director of Portobello Film Festival – Song For Notting Dale neighbourhood party at the Maxilla Social Club (Aug 2017)

“Poetry 4 Grenfell” short later went on to be awarded PFF 2017’s “Best Art Film”

“We were excited when Kamitan Arts brought “Poetry for Grenfell ” to the Kids On the Green Cabaret, their performances were electric and had the audience captivated and deeply moved”.
Zoe LeVack, Director of Kids on the Green (Nov 2017)