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Kamitan Arts CIC’c Co-Director’s statement for the 5 Year Anniversary

As a co-director of Kamitan Arts C.I.C, I am proud to say that we have been
actively engaged in the community for the past five years, using the healing powers of the arts as a means to make a positive impact. My role as a co-director has primarily involved creating, listening and understanding the needs of the organisations direction, and working behind the scenes to implement policies and practices that keep the creative space safe for all.

One of the most significant events that Kamitan Arts has responded to in recent years is the Grenfell tragedy. Our response to this tragedy was life-changing for everyone involved, from the local residents, our volunteers to the survivors and the bereaved. We have shed tears, endured pain, and spent countless hours planning, perfecting, sharing, and fighting for justice. However, despite the challenges we faced, I am proud to say that we have provided a voice for people from all walks of life to come together and create some beautiful pieces including the Poetry for Grenfell book.

In the past five years, we have seen a lot of negativity in the world, but Kamitan Arts has remained a bright light in the community. We have provided individuals and families with a sense of purpose, connection, and hope through our various projects and initiatives. Whether it was our online VAP project, which kept people communicating and mentally sane during the pandemic, or our various in-person projects, I felt that we have consistently made a positive impact on the lives of those around us. I am honoured to be a part of this incredible organisation and look forward to continuing to make a difference in our community.

Ricky Venel Stone
Feb 2023

Some testimonies from our community:

Congratulations on 5 years and actually many more of making excellent innovative and inclusive creative and healing programmes happen in person and rising to the challenges of online as well. Making the difference. Debbie Golt (International DJ and pre-head of Arts and Culture in RBKC in the 90’s)

Congratulations on 5 years of excellent and innovative community projects involving a wide range of people in creative and healing activities. (KA participant)

Tell me a picture. Speak it’s colours and elevations, call it’s swirls. Remind me a pattern and whisper it’s lines. Happy 5th Anniversary Kamitan Arts CIC! Casey Abaraonye (British Nigerian Poet)

That time I did an interactive freestyle jam on zoom just because. Big up Kamitan Arts on 5 years as an established CIC and everything they do – from supporting the Grenfell community and everybody in the borough and of course for the creative space and free-flowing word play from all. Ashé (KA Musician)

Kamitan Arts has been doing brilliant work with the creative arts, uniting and healing the local and worldwide community of all ages and backgrounds. Projects include workshops with rap, poetry, music, movement, art, meditation, sound healing…which also carried on online during the lockdown. Also notable are the Poetry 4 Grenfell books and events. Kamitan Arts as of today is a CIC for five years #kamitan #arts (KA Musician)

Happy 5th year anniversary supporting our local community to impress and express themselves through art. May you see 5x5x5 more creatively artistic years.

THANK YOU 💚 (KA Volunteer and participant)

So typically brilliant – bringing out the best in people (KA Participant)

I still remember this event. It was great, very beneficial with so much fun! (KA Participant)

Happy 5th Anniversary Kamitan Arts and EmpresS *1 ,I just wanna say thank you KA Family for puting in much Effort to help us Artists get a Spot during Covid_19 and be able to Play Music Via Vap Jam Virtual Live Concerts Online with the Help of the National Arts Council of England, all the Sponsors and well wishers to make it possible for us to Survive the Hardship , I personally as an African Community Worker in the Entertainment industry I benefited so much, not just monetary but also the Value to be able to sing even when Concerts were impossible to Organise. Royal Prince Kizzouk Peace & Blessings. (KA Artist and participant)

Lovely video and congratulations once again for achieving 5 years as a registered CIC. I remember the online workshops that you carried out during the Pandemic, they were very enjoyable and very much needed at the time. Thank you for all the good and important work you do in the community. Thank you for all the wisdom you share. Christopher (CEO of Fit For Life Youth – N.Ken CIC)

Hear our volunteer and community outreach ‘Wonder Rhonda’s testimony below..

Th’ankh you Rhonda for all you do with Kamitan Arts and with the community in general, you are indeed a ‘wonderful’ wombman full of integrity, love, honesty, trustworthiness, faith, endurance, charisma and a brilliant role model to all who cross your path! We at Kamitan Arts cannot do what we do without the ‘livication’ (dedication) and love of our volunteers, supporters and friends.

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