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“My noble name is Kizitta Anning. Some call me Special K and I am known by Kamitan Arts as Kinetic Kizitta.
I am a fragrant flower that is why the butterflies land on me.
I am Kindhearted and I love talking to strangers, because they remind me that we are God’s masterpieces and lately, I feel God’s presence when I show an interest in people without any agendas except to offer them a piece of the multi talented vibrant woman that I am, and also receive the gift of the other souls presence, which could be their smile, conversation, exchange of information and sheer appreciation for me for being bold enough to start a dialogue.
I am intelligent and I am so privileged to be a literate so I write short stories and poetry.
My path crossed with Emmanuelle ‘s one faithful evening when I was performing some of my poetry at the Tabernacle in Nottinghillgate, she asked that I send her some of my poetry and if they were appropriate she will put it in the book she was writing for Grenfell. I sent Ability, one of my poems I had written before the tragedy had befallen us.
I had seen an advert for disability in the tube station which triggered the poem.
I always write.
I shine my light in Sainsbury’s supermarket as a glamourous Angel cashier,
I am also a textile artist and I make sculptured garments. I specialise in knitwear.
I am Zestful and I put this into vivid colourful paintings and drawings on canvas.
I make handmade greeting cards.
I am intuitive and I use this quality to navigate through life successfully with a heavy reliance on my relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
I am THANKFUL to be alive at fabulous fifty and healthy.
There but for the grace of God go I. I am triumphant and sharing myself with you, gives me an abundance in life that money can’t buy. Thank you for your eyes and reading about me.
One thing I always say is “Keep smiling keep shining”.
Of late, I also say Keep stepping into your greatness.

keep smiling
keep shining
Keep stepping into your greatness”
– Kinetic Kizitta – Kizitta Anning

#Day11 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#PositiveMindset by #KineticKizzita

I am aware that Satan is prowling around like a lion waiting to devour me.
I am aware that he camouflages as a white lie, as hatred, as resentment, as greed as jealousy, as careless words as insolence and the like.
So I acknowledge the Holy Spirit in me.

I call on Him to help me.
Preparing my mind for action
So I can function.

Accepting myself as one fearfully and wonderfully made
I know my debt of sins on the cross he paid.
Accepting that grace.
On my knees Christ's name I praise.

I prepare my mind for action
I throw kindness around like confetti.
Smiling is my food
So I say bon appetite

I am aware of my power,
Under negativity I will not cower.
Now to your Throne
I humbly approach,
My confidence will not be thrown
I defy sin to encroach.
Every negative thought rising against me.
I have the choice to poach
Never too flawed to be crowned with acceptance.

My plan of action?
Throw kindness around like confetti
So bon appetite!
I am aware of how negativity schemes
I am aware of the light in me that BEAMS.
#Day12 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#Music by #KineticKizzita

It sounds like a river flowing
Like joy glowing
In my heart
I play my part

I feel peace
I don't fall like a broken piece
Like a cat's meow
Music sounds like a kiss
I feel the mwah

Music sounds like a swirl
It makes my spirit swell
In my innermost being
Music will dwell
From my soul to my sole

Music engulfs me in joy
There is no ploy
Music makes me dance
I don't prance

Waking up to a new day is music.
It sounds like birds chirping
While hot lemon water sipping
Like a cat's meow
Like a kiss mwah.
#Day13 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#EconomicDamage #EpidemicControl by #KineticKizzita

Ecology is minding my steps
Instead of minding another person's steps
Having a bee in my bonnet about why, they are not doing things my way
Let things lay
my own price I should pay
Ecology is being able to look out for another's interest, not just my own
Rather may I have love to loan

Ego, I have my own fair share
I won't dare to compare
Ego, I run my own race
Not at anyone's pace

Ego, I am trying to be the best me than I was yesterday.
Ego, no pride to defend
On Christ alone I depend.

Holding onto ecology
Striving for green,
Mankind I deem in high regard
May my Abba guard
Only myself I preen
This is my quest
I hold no apology

Human beings will always be my reason for being
The very thing my sweetest ally Christ.
Held dear
Him I revere
So eco friendly I swing to the beat.
No small feat

Human friendly highest on my agenda
Here on earth
As well as over yonder

Have a fantastic Friday for a fantastic you. Keep smiling keep shining Kizitta Anning keep stepping into your greatness
#Day14 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#Justice by #KineticKizzita

Justice justice justice I claim for the other man, while I seek mercy for myself.
If I am to be judged by the law,
I could not claim in me,
there is no flaw

How grateful I am that I am judged by a judge who has grace.
I dare not claim some be condemned
While I stand asking for mercy

Injustice injustice injustice
True injustice is when the conquering lion, Jesus Christ
died in my place
Father thank you for that grace.
#Day15 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#Meditate by #KineticKizzita

I will meditate on your word day and night
Your word is my light
When I open it
I see a mirror
A reflection of a me that needs you
A reflection of me that translates Christ
On your word I am grounded
Your miracles in my life leave me dumbfounded

So I meditate on your word day and night
So I can shine my light
I meditate so I can be like a tree planted by a water.
I meditate so I don't falter
I meditate so I can be peace
I meditate because you bring me peace.
I meditate on your Holy scriptures
I meditate so I can fight
This battle as a disciple of Christ.
#Day17 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#Family by #KineticKizzita

F- faithful my family are the ones I share this spiritual journey with
A- admirable people who cross my path and drop immeasurable gifts on me
M- marvellous beings, these are the ones God gives me and I call my own
I- intelligence flows in their veins
They share my joy and pains
L- loving words grace me from their tongues
These are my spiritual siblings
Y- yearning to be with them
social distancing is not pretty. My family they keep me whole.
Our FATHER will call us home one day, these are my family, those I serve Jesus with. They mean more to me. They were given me when I became a follower of Christ. I may have given up much to come into the kingdom. Far more was added on to me.
Who are my family?
Those who call Jesus their own
My family of believers who give me peace who go the extra mile
With a smile
They say
She can spend the night and share my light
She doesn't have to pay
Who is my family
The one who comes to see me in hospital
This is pivotal.
My needs are met by this family I chose for myself
These I call my own
At the drop of a hat
They are there
How is your cat.
My family are the ones who pray for me and call me higher when I am flagging.
My family
They cook for me.
My family They clean for me
My family They sew for me
My family They meet my physical and spiritual needs. Yes my church is my family.
#Day18 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#Abundance by #KineticKizzita

Abundance is waking up to see a new day and my Abba smiling at me telling me in his word,
Its going to be a tremendous day!
It's Tuesday, it's chooseday, I choose to be kind, I choose to send love, I choose to exude joy.

Abundance is being able to exercise my body.
Abundance is waking up and knowing I had sweet dreams about designs I could produce
Abundance is being filled with contentment.

Abundance is fixing my hope completely on Christ.
Abundance is living as an obedient child of God.
Abundance is not conforming to the patterns of this world.but rather to the transforming power of the good news 1Peter 1

Abundance I fill my mind with moral courage
I can't stop a bird from flying over my head.
I can stop it from building a nest.
So I guard my heart and my thoughts.

Abundance I create my own luck
I prepare my heart and my day to receive.
I set my mind on things above
Not on earthly things.

Abundance is providence from my creator he told me He will not forsake me. Matthew28:18-20

Abundance is protection he said if I hold on to his teachings he will set me free.
In Christ I find freedom.
This is my abundance.

#Day15 #MayDailyPoeticChallenge
#ChallengeYourPerspective by #KineticKizzita

My conscience allows me to chump on meat like there is no tomorrow
And suck out the marrow.

The vegetarian friend's conscience will not touch meat even if they were paid
In each other's presence love must rule.and the game of life be played

When I experience people not saying hello back to me on the streets, I smile and wonder why,
Then once I looked at this person properly, then I noticed why……

They had hearing aids.
How so easy to think they were unfriendly without knowing they had their own heavy shoes of coping in the world to fit.

Not until I had my own bundles of straws to distribute,
of how to walk this world.

I navigated without compassion, thinking I am as brave as a lion,
Then my so called empire,
came tumbling down like fire
My emotions and feelings were worn like an attire
Air got in my lungs like a punctured tyre

My eyes can see clearly now,
When I see the downtrodden in this life with a different view.
I learn and I bow.

Perspectives they grow
Mine they glow
Yours enhance me
All I know
I have got to be cool
I have got to be calm
I have got to stay together
The perspectives of the creator are flawless
I am not blameless

Mine is to ask if I don't understand
Then I ask what is my creators perspective
His I won't dare to challenge

May my heart perceive the truth
May my heart not look at another with disdain because their perspective doesn't tally with mine

May I with you dine
May love rest in our hearts like a dove swoops across the blue skies
Giving us sweet messages of peace
May we hold each other's piece