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Here’s what people say about the book

“A heartfelt, vital and necessary collection of poetry. The community’s soul speaks volumes.”Courttia Newland, (Author, The Scholar: A Westside Story, Society Within, Snakeskin)

“It is my pleasure to welcome this publication by Kamitan Arts/ Poetry for Grenfell who have been both inspirational and therapeutic following the dreadful fire at Grenfell Tower. They have provided a positive artistic presence in North Kensington. My daughter has gained a renewed confidence and has thrived on their activities and performances she has taken part in this year. I wish them every success in the future.” Yvette Williams, MbE (Co-Founder of Justice 4 Grenfell)

“Poetry possesses the redemptive power of healing. It holds our hand and consoles us throughout the painful episodes on the journey of life.” Ishmahil Blagrove Jr. (Founder of Rice’N Peas)

‘The Trinidadian born political activist Claudia Jones (21 February 1915 – 24 December 1964) said “a people’s art is the genesis of their freedom”. The Poetry 4 Grenfell Project and this collection of writing embraces this tradition of art as tranformative process and shows us all how poetic expression has the power to heal. As a North Kensington resident of 26 years, a poet and grassroots community activist, I commend the work of my younger Sista Poet EmpresS *1 and all of the poets, of all ages ethnicities and faiths whom she has brought together to produce these truly beautiful, heart felt and powerful words. ASE OOO” I Sis Amlak (‘I Sis Poet’, Activist Poet)

“Poetry 4 Grenfell Project created a platform for traumatised survivors. This amazing project heard the voice of survivors when others stood still. An empowering concept that many from the mainstream should look upon for guidance. ‘Princess’ Emmanuelle Marcel ‘Ja’bbour leading the way in grassroots activism within the arts. Get involved and support the project to be heard on film and publication.” Iesha Slater, (Founder, Director, Producer and writer for Sonsha Productions – Published poet in Brown Eyes Shangwee Publications and Oxford Graduate as well as a survivor of multiple traumas in life.)

The Poetry 4 Grenfell project manifested as an immediate response to help artistically channel the emotional aftermath of the horrendous Grenfell fire of June 2017. Kamitan Arts decided to put a call out for a bi-lingual compilation poetry book which would include poems, raps, drawings and photos predominantly from the Grenfell effected community. Subsequently during the months that followed the horrific fire we have managed to collect heart-felt pieces written and drawn by children, elders, humanitarians and activists in our community whom have been given a platform to voice their opinions and share a message that has otherwise been manipulated or suppressed by the mainstream media. The amazing response from this call-out has truly been immense!

We are now asking YOU to SUPPORT us in getting more copies of the 2nd more Family-Family-Friendly edition of ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell: Voices from da Grove and Latimer’ printed up FOR ALL TO SEE AND FEEL. We will continue to read from the books at our local and worldwide recitations and shows in the virtual and physical communities in order to own and share our voices from the heart of Grove and Latimer, while trying to get Justice and restoring hope for a better day.

All the poems have been accepted, no-one has been rejected! We have not discriminated on ability, view, age, gender, cultural origin or languages used, instead we have encouraged anyone and everyone to contribute in whichever way they have felt comfortable to! This Bi-Lingual Poetry 4 Grenfell Book truly reflects our North Kensington community, while embracing others from all over London and the UK. Poetry 4 Grenfell is FOR EVERYONE, EVERYONE IS WELCOMED; this is for YOU, this is for ME, this is FOR US….

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