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I was born in Sunderland but have lived in W10 for over thirty years. I’m a walking tours guide in London and was for many years a teacher of English to people from overseas. I’ve been writing poetry for a very long time and my latest volume is ‘A, Meet B in a Dandelion Lake’, which contains fifty illustrated poems about nature during the Covid pandemic. I came across Kamitan Arts by doing a Google search as I thought there’d be an organization or two publishing local poetry.” – Ian Mole

Grenfell Tower: 14th June 2017

It’s a lovely summer’s day
but smoke is gushing upwards
about a mile away
and the block hovers
like a stark sentinel
at the gates of hell.

This sunny morning smells.
Each burnt plastic breath
bears black tidings of death.
Grenfell Tower: 16th June 2017

A concrete skeleton
is blackening the horizon
and hoarding its sooty secrets
as the missing
remain missing
and the repercussions sizzle
together with regrets.
Grenfell Tower: 27th June 2017

A blackened skull
with a hundred eyes
stares out blindly
over Latimer skies.
Death’s dust in its brain.
This can’t happen again
and justice is coming
through the anger and pain.