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RBKC Community members between the ages of 10 and 76 came together for 6 weeks so far @ The Tea Gardens, LWRA to reflect on happy memories and share this expression through Poetry with Kamitan Arts May – July 2022

This is what took their interest in our workshop:

– To get my spirit lifted up

– I like to do new things, like poetry

– To help me with creative writing

– The location- in the Tea Garden

– To do something productive with my free time

– Creative release

– Curiosity to learn something new

– Giving more time to myself and developing my poetry, I loved the online VAP sessions have known Princess Emmanuelle for a long time professionally, and like her approach. I am open to how the workshop flows and see what inspires me!

This is how they feel it will benefit themselves/our community:

– By creating harmony among us

– I will gain a new perspective through poetry

– Channel feelings of pain, loss, grief to more positive

– To enhance cultural awareness

– By unlocking my creative side

– Yes, it encourages individuals to express their thoughts and feelings

– In lovely community space, free, experienced poetry teacher, a special way of self and community expression

Health problems: dyslexia, physical and mental health, musculoskeletal

BEFORE the Session they felt:

RushedExcited with a fire burning insideVery hopeful
Exhausted by all the emotions around the anniversarySleepy
CautiousOverworkedPensiveHectic yet inspired
Open-interestedHurriedLethargicVery angry Nervy
Not efficient, another year to June 14th, 5 years, still see eyes
Live and remember, forever in our hearts
Great and hopefulFrustratedAnxiousOverworked

AFTER the Session they felt:

RelaxedAre you there yet?BalancedHappier
Lifted-upHappy I came here and contentGrateful
More relaxedMore upbeatMore positiveRelieved
Fully present!AwakenedClarity in mind, heart and body
I embraced the room, the music, the people & words from all

Stats from 12 individuals that filled in the forms (others did attend/pass through and not fill in)