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Hi My name is Kristian Lalaj and I am 24 years old. One thing about me is that I am always kind and love to help and give to others when they are in need; I have a compassionate heart and charismatic personality.
I love to play football and have done so since the age of 6. As a Youth Trustee of SPID, I endeavour to help people who have been in terrible situations to be a catalyst in amplifying and solving their story, through giving them a voice so the World can understand what they have gone through to comprehend their experiences and raise awareness. My dream is to help people and listen to their views so we can better society. I came across Kamitan Arts and the Poetry4Grenfell project when we collaborated at an event at the Saatchi Gallery and Shepherd’s Bush Theatre for the Grenfell Anniversary. It was an amazing event where I met Princess Emmanuelle and her team! Since then, we have decided to merge in order to help one another build bridges within our community together; it was an amazing opportunity for them to let me join their KA family to empower eachother and become a true example of unity.

Here is a Poem i have written about My Home

In Kensal House, where dreams take flight,
A tale of joy and endless light,
With golden sunbeams, morning bright,
Awakening hopes, a vibrant sight.

Dusty curtains, they part with grace,
Revealing beams of sunlight's embrace,
Energies stirring, eager to chase,
Adventures waiting in this sacred space.

Mozart's melodies, sweet and clear,
Resound through rooms, eliminating fear,
Preparing hearts for a day so dear,
Where dreams and aspirations draw near.

Bounding forth, the playground awaits,
Crunchy floor beneath, anticipation elevates,
Swinging freely, defying earthly weights,
Reaching for the sky, conquering the gates.

Now strolling slowly, streets wind around,
Concrete challenges where strength is found,
A scraped calf, blood dripping to the ground,
Yet resilience prevails, a warrior unbound.

Returning home, blessed and content,
Family gathered, love's sweet scent,
Drifting on clouds, memories invent,
A tapestry of joy, never to relent.

Kensal House, a haven of dreams,
Where SPID's spirit forever gleams,
In every heart, its essence streams,
A poem of hope, in radiant beams.

For all of the people who passed away in Grenfell may you rest in peace and enjoy the journey to paradise.