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Nour-eddine Aboudihaj is a Transformation Coach. He has trained with the Coaching Academy in London as well as with some of the world great coaches and trainers. His excellent resilience, spiritual wellbeing coaching style have sharpened his inner core skills and outer core attributes. He has post graduate diplomas from Westminster, Canterbury Christ Church and Cambridge Universities. He is a visiting lecturer to many universities in UK and Morocco. He is also a poet, Journalist and author of the Straight Path To Success . He is a tri-lingual translator, a community champion and a winner of Millennium Fellowship Award. He has won many prodigious awards and lately the Mayor’s Award for outstanding contributions to the lives of residents of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. He is the Founder of The Grenfell Trust to provide well-being support to bereaved families. I got to know Kamitan Arts/Poetry 4 Grenfell in the performance at The Design Museum few years back and since I participated and attended many events you organised.

Seeking Justice for
72 people for 72 months

Each month that went by
Each soul that passed away
For all to know
In our hearts they are here to stay
Each second of every minute of everyday
They are with us
Their presence never went away
We cherish their memory
On the day they were from us taken away
Seventy-two beautiful souls
Seventy-two months now here I say
For our loved ones it feels like just yesterday
For them our hearts grow fonder
Seeking justice for them our resolve is growing stronger
Justice and Reconciliation after such disaster
Up to now is a complete and utter blunder
The government in its wisdom
Have admitted they are partly to blame
The council in his denial is still the same
Continuing in their business as usual
Claiming their legacy work
Claiming active listening
Whilst all they hear is noise and thunder
Which makes us all wonder
Will they ever awake from their slumber
NHS in their insight turned a page
Their cultural competence training to GPs
Which has just last month started
A gigantic win dampening the rage
A true victory on the north Kensington stage

The Westway Trust extended us an olive branch
Understood our plight
Our community’s right
Right for our voice to be heard
Right for our mind and body to heal
Right for our spirit of gratitude to feel
72 people now 72 months didn’t die in vain
That life is not just suffering and pain
Our journey to wellbeing and resilience is our gain
On the top of our voice we say
The 6th anniversary is not our final station
Only the Truth and reconciliation can be our destination.

On this Fifth Grenfell anniversary year Remembering you is very dear
Rest in peace my family
Rest in peace my friends
Your shining light went out before time
Yet all souls will taste death all the same
Not a day goes by when you are not remembered Yet for us you are not just a memory
Your continuing presence in our life is your victory,

We promise not just to build a fitting memorial We shall celebrate your lives in a fitting legacy Five year went in a flash, a wink of an eye
As we gather together, different faiths and pray Let all of us together say
Pain and suffering will never blight our heart
Let it be full of love, blessings and compassion Let all of us together say
Oh Grenfell – Forever in our Hearts
Oh Grenfell – Forever in our Hearts
Though our journey has been full of adversity We,
In the beginning with Anger we were MAD
Then afterwards with our Loss we were SAD
But now the Wisdom made us GLAD
To see humanity at its best in our support and in solidarity,

As we and the world remember today
That life and death live side by side
Like Ebony and Ivory in a piano keyboard
Our message is love and peace to the world
Our message is love and compassion to the world

Forgetting our loved ones is not an option
Forgiving is our understanding and intention
Getting Justice and truth is the question
Well-being and resilience is our destination
Compassionate and Merciful is our lord
Lead us all to the straight path
The path of those on whom you bestow your grace
Guide us away from strife and fight
To gratefully cherish your blessings day and night
Our faith in you dear Lord all you do is right
Our quest for justice can only be delivered by your might.

Nour-eddine Aboudihaj
Grenfell Tower Trust
On behalf of bereaved families