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Emmanuelle Marcel Jabbour

Emmanuelle Marcel Jabbour – Founding and Artistic Director of Kamitan Arts, Freelance Arts practitioner and project co-ordinator, bi-lingual International Rap-Poetess and Choregrapher

“From the days of Madraset el Moshakhebeen (To Sir With Love) with Adel Imam and Soheir el Bablee, My Fair Lady and Hello Dolly with Fuoad el Mohandes and Sheweekar, working with such prominent fellow artists in my homeland on stage and on screen during the Golden age of Egyptian Cinema; now allows me with great honour to contribute part of my heritage and expertise with Kamitan Arts as one of the Founding directors.”
Ms. Amal ‘Samy’ Jabbour – Retired professional Folklore dancer

“It was an honour for me to accept the role of a Director and be a part Kamitan Arts. I was keen to be involved with such a great initiative, which created a space for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to express their creativity through the arts.”
Annika Clinkett – Chef and Nutritional Therapist

“The arts is a perfect medium to engage with the youth; the talented and the disadvantaged. It’s a pleasure to work with Kamitan Arts C.I.C in providing edutainment and hope.”
Ricky Venel Stone – Safeguarding case officer for FA

“As a great believer in the arts’ ability in healing, I think that Kamitan Arts C.I.C’s commitment to provide people without discrimination, a variety of Performing Art disciplines at a high standard not only motivates and inspires, but heals and empowers our children, youth and adults. I am very happy to be invited as a director and to witness its competitive creative and cultural contribution to our community.“
Shirine Osseiran – Arts practitioner