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“I am Willelmina. The One and Only!” – Willelmina

Willelmina has been a part of the VAP – Virtual Acoustic Poetry sessions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and is a vital creative voice within the ‘KA’ family!


Without rushing,
Chew each mouthful of your breakfast;
Savour it, roll the flavours
Around your tongue
As if it were your last
Earthly meal.
Without rushing,
Count every step you take
To the letter box, or the pharmacy
Or the station.
Let your feet
Revere the ground,
As if it were your last
Perfect journey.
Without rushing,
To each word spoken
By every person you meet.
Hang on their lips.
Feast on their scintillating
As if it were
The last hearing
Of your lovers voice.

Willelmina Joseph-Loewenthal
25th January 2022