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Testimonials of Endorsement

As the Director of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week and Art Trail – a festival founded by volunteering professionals to encourage and celebrate local creative practitioners and institutions, in an annual event spanning 10 days and hosting over 100 free events – I support the work of Kamitan Arts. Their dedication to wellness, arts, creativity, and professionalism in the realm of the spoken word and the performing arts, is outstanding. 

It is also important to highlight that Kamitan Arts was born locally. The organisation focuses on working with local people and producing locally relevant, authentic work dealing with local issues at the very source. 

Local funders must focus their attention on supporting local talent along with outsourcing creative productions from external producers that follow the same template across any location where they work. The outsourcing approach risks taking away the already limited funding from those local institutions and practitioners who need it the most. 

Vestalia Chilton

Director, Kensington & Chelsea Art Week + Art Trail

Director, Do Good Factory

I am writing in support of Kamitan Arts and its Founder and Director Emmanuelle Marcel Jabbour who I have known as an independent artist since 2007.

As the former Head of Culture and Partnerships at Westway Trust I have collaborated with Emmanuelle and her organisation on numerous occasions on the embedded and fully established cultural provisions in North Kensington. I have also worked with several councillors including Cllr Press, Cllr Dent, Cllr Mason who I’m sure will vouch for my local input in supporting and developing local cultural programmes over many years.

The Grenfell tragedy sadly increased the demand for these essential services like Kamitan Arts which undoubtedly have contributed to the healing process despite the challenges of ongoing trauma and re-triggering of trauma that the community continues to face.

I respectfully urge you to provide capacity building resources for the important K&C Festival so that the social impact in terms of improving wellbeing and increasing happiness can be safeguarded.

Lynda Rosenior-Patten

Founder, CEO, Maestro 7 CIC

Strategic Management & Leadership Consultant, Cultural Arts Programmer,

Creative Producer, Curator, Mentor, Writer, Former Head of Culture and Partnerships at Westway Trust

The creative and healing work that Princess and Kamitan Arts CIC have produced over the last six years is awe-inspiring. Most recently, we collaborated on a diverse, cultural & bi-lingual poetry and arts workshop and performance that Kamitan Arts hosted at ‘Sounds of Latimer Festival’. It was very moving to see people tell their stories and develop them each in their own creative way.

Piers Thompson

Director, DJ, and Radio Host of Portobello Radio

Founder, Sounds of Latimer Festival

Over the span of two and a half decades I have seen the excellent performance and community work of Princess Emmanuelle develop from the seeds of the RBKC Talent nights at The Tabernacle and what used to be the Commonwealth Institute at Holland Park, to the ‘Write This Rhythm’ production that RBKC Special projects produced at the Bloomsbury Theatre where she mesmerised us with her passionately driven poetry and dance choreography that reflected her Egyptian cultural background as well as the diverse cultures that influenced her from RBKC. Since then she has toured internationally as well as developed her performing arts and heritage non-profit org. Kamitan Arts within the Borough, putting on countless productions and community projects specialising in poetry with live music and movement, raising awareness of cultural identity and social injustice through the arts. I personally worked with Kamitan Arts and their team of local professional poets and musicians in a Arts Council funded virtual project during COVID and witnessed the benefits of their inclusive professional work. I am proud to see through such a purpose-driven artist whose heart is with the community that she is fond of and still serves to this day. I endorse what Kamitan Arts are advocating for within the Kensington and Chelsea Festival, who’s priority should always be to programme and fund the immediate local grassroots arts organisations and local professional artists.

Stephen Cole LTCL ARCM

Musician and Composer, Former Musical Director, RBKC Special Projects

Kamitan Arts CIC always delivers outstanding and truly inclusive community-based events in the Borough and, occasions further afield. I have seen their offer grow from small beginnings with one off community arts events in the early 2000’s to bold and crucial initiatives like ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ and partnerships with major service providers currently. Kamitan Arts’ intervention immediately after the Grenfell Fire was unique as they came from the heart of the community and knew how to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together quickly and effectively giving them a vital way to express themselves and begin to come to terms with what happened. Their work with children was and still is so heartening and their provision for adults of all ages is welcome and effective. The fully diverse culturally broad multilingual poetry opportunities both in performance and in print, bringing in both skilled and novice poets, are a prime example of Kamitan Arts CIC’s excellence.

Debbie Golt FRSA 

Award-winning broadcaster and arts consultant

Former RBKC Arts Officer and past resident – now in Fulham North

Kamitan Arts is an inspiring organisation whose work I whole heartedly support. Their commitment to poetry, music and dance as agents of social change is uplifting. The skills they share raise us all up and showcase the best of North Kensington talent. I am honoured to have collaborated with them and look forward to their bright future.

Helena Thompson

Artistic Director, SPID Theatre

Kamitan Arts has opened opportunities and platforms for locals from a variety of backgrounds to develop the art of poetry and to amplify voices such as with the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ project that brought healing and awareness to immediate community and beyond. I endorse what Kamitan Arts are advocating for, RBKC professional arts practitioners and poets should be encouraged and backed. Arts and Poetry go hand in hand, it is the music of the soul. 

Cllr. Marwan Elnaghi Councillor, Notting Dale Ward

Kamitan Arts has brought heart and soul back into a community which is wounded. The work they do in providing creatives spaces to express ones self is priceless. More of this initiative is wanted and needed as the healing has just begun. With the traumatic events which has hit the moral of the Kensington & Chelsea borough; it would be heavily beneficial for these programmes to continue which in turn will help to build back trust and inclusivity within the community. The representation of cultural diversity is key in paving the way, which is at the forefront of what Kamitan Arts has been doing for over 2 decades. 

Annika Clinkett

Business Consultant, former Kamitan Arts Director

Kamitan Arts have created an inclusive organisation that provides a public platform for diverse local voices through the arts. It provides a means to share memories and experiences, that are often ignored by the mainstream, as well as trauma such as Grenfell. Keep up the good works!

Professor Charles Gore

Previous Senior Lecturer History of African Art, SOAS, UCL

Artist/Co-researcher Art and its Articulations with Politics in Nigeria (AHRC)

Kamitan Arts is a local non-profit Performing Arts organisation with a wealth of diverse professional artists. Particularly within the specialisation of poetry, which my eldest daughter had the good fortune of partaking in and thoroughly enjoyed. Princess Emmanuelle is always such a vibrant and welcoming host that provides the platform for wonderful creativity and expression within the community of Kensington and Chelsea. Long may it continue!  

Orla O’Brien RBKC Artist, Colourist editor

As a passionate art enthusiast and philanthropy advocate, I recently had the privilege of encountering Kamitan Arts, a truly inspiring non-profit organisation. From the moment I delved into their mission and explored the depths of their artistry, I knew I had stumbled upon something extraordinary. Their commitment to making a positive impact on community through the medium of art is nothing short of awe-inspiring they managed to seamlessly blend creativity with compassion, transforming the lives of countless individuals and communities.  

Beyond its artistic endeavours, Kamitan Arts also places great importance on arts education and empowerment. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and community outreach, they strive to nurture the next generation of artists and encourage art appreciation among the masses. Witnessing the impact of these initiatives further solidified my admiration for the organisation’s all-encompassing approach to uplifting society through creativity. 

If you’re searching for authentic grassroots performing arts organisation that combines the power of art with altruism, look no further than Kamitan Arts. Supporting their cause not only nurtures art but also nurtures the very essence of humanity. 

Johnny Khoury

Web designer and developer, Videographer

Well done! In the Art and heart of the community Kamitan Arts organisation has remained consistent and supportive. With The tireless efforts of Emmanuel at the helm it reflects her resilience and commitment to creative expression, inclusivity, and advocacy. in the face of tragedy and adversity Kamitan Art survives. I’m sending Big love and respect to KA . Always with you in spirit!

Poppy Seed

Spoken Word, Singer, Recording and Performance Artist, Arts Projects Manager

Well-funded multi-lingual poetry representation in our art space is lacking in our Kensington & Chelsea Festival. Our community needs a passionate entity that has been working with Kensington & Chelsea community and understands the need to provide inspiration that fills this gap. I reside and work in Kensington & Chelsea community and very happy that Kamitan Arts, which was founded in the borough and has the welfare of the borough and its residents at heart has come forward to be that inspiration that fills the gap. I have lived in the borough since 1992 and endorse the establishment of more local representation, diverse professional artists and long-standing grassroots performing arts organisations to be well-funded and programmed within the Kensington & Chelsea Festival.

Kamitan Arts has been bringing together multi-lingual poets in the community to impact the community with their creativity. These poets need to be well-funded and also need a space to be heard and seen. Unfortunately, poets are not given the recognition that is vital for their contribution towards our community’s collective emotional well-being.

Poetry performance is vital in emotional development, emotional health and general well-being. Poetry performance is therefore important in prevention of life-threatening episodes. It engages minds and unburdens heavily-laden minds, reducing risks of hypertension and its accompanying ailments. Poetry performance also creates and presents a space for connection and vocal exchange which is necessary to maintain good relationship within the community and drive needed change. Kamitan Arts took on a role of providing emotional and other support through poetry when the devastating tragedy of Grenfell Tower struck.

As a local Philosopher and multi-disciplinary artist, a practising barrister whose chambers are situated in the borough, a founder of Touch LOVE Worldwide movement which advocates change through Theatre of Conversation and a poet who has participated in Kamitan Arts organised happenings, I strongly endorse Kamitan Arts’ services to the community. It has proven to be a trust-worthy entity whose works have positively impacted our community and who has been passionately organising diverse, cultural and multi-lingual poetry and arts events in the community for years.

Harriet Nkechi Adimora Gore

Philosopher and Founder of Touch LOVE Worldwide

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