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Testimonies from KA’s Sacred Space Sistars 2021-2022:

“This one session has been incredibly revealing. Thank you for the chance. I don’t realise how much pain I am carrying within my body and how much that locked up my mind. If I had more free or low-cost sessions, then I will be able to better take care of myself, my family and strengthen my confidence at work and at home”

“I was in a dark place and the group help me to be in a sacred uplifting space. I am very grateful and appreciative.”

When asked what is one positive thing they are taking away with them after a “Sacred Space Sistars” session:

“I know my mission and purpose.”

“Flip negatives to positives”

“Ensuring I connect with my essence”

“A unique encounter where I could be a listener while another shared parts of themselves – life-affirming, realness and solidarity”

“Feeling part a shared experience with potential for growth”

“I feel in tune with my body”

“Focus on being myself”

“Feeling balanced and open after Sacred Space”

“I am blessed in Time, I am Bessed in Place, I am Blessed Beautiful Energy, In our Sacred Sistars Space.”

“I feel like I’ve cleared some energy, there’s been some shedding and opening, like my heart-space feels much more open now”

“I really loved the inter-connectedness of the story of water, your reinforcement of us using the water throughout the workshop to refresh and re-centre ourselves”

“I absolutely adored the physicality and movement, especially now where everyone is sat down in front of their devices… what’s being released and how… 

“Using the warmth of the tea to touch your skin and massage oneself, because we need that oxytocin release – this element of the self-hugging and self-holding is super important – because we are not hugging – I haven’t been touched or held by anyone else outside of myself for nearly a year!”

“Essential moving your body for well-being you don’t have to know how to dance” 

“Thank you, Princess Emmanuelle for your warmth; being generous with your time and dedication to your duties.”

“I don’t usually like group things for anything remotely personal – however I really enjoyed the one I logged into last month – so gentle and fun and not exposing anyone at all – with option to turn off camera if need be – in great company”

“Thank you. I love the sessions and recommend them to everyone. Join us!”

“It was my absolute pleasure. Many congratulations of running your pilot so successfully! So valuable to give women that type of space. Have a lovely evening.”

Involvement in the Sacred Sistars events has also been a joy. Putting our voices and body movements to self-belief and self-love in a safe creative space has been very enriching at an important time for me as I go through the menopause in the backdrop of the pandemic and experience a rebirth of sorts. (Dawn on You)

“I really enjoyed the workshop from my Creating Healing Facilitation Level 2 student, I found it very professional and so nurturing, you made me feel comfortable, so was speaking with the other women. For me it was a very nourishing and safe space, where you made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed. I definitely would like to attend another one.

I highly recommend this workshop!”

Marilyn ‘MJ’ Fontaine

 🌟Affirmation Chants the Sacred Sistars Created  

☥ ~♥~☥ 

🌟  Getting Ideas Ready and Giving Kindness Daily 🌟  

🌟  Amazing Loving Lights Full of Beauty, Wonder and Awe 🌟  

🌟  Finding Balance Trust 🌟  

🌟  Unfolding Freely from my Soul, Love Myself so I feel Whole, Vibrating outwards from my Core, Allow my Depths to be Explored 🌟  

🌟  I Deserve the Best and by Realising that this Ripples Inside and Out 🌟  

🌟 Creating Creative Community, Experiencing Collective Consciousness for You and Me! 🌟  

☥ ~♥~☥ 

 Give us one positive thing that you are taking away with you today? *

  • I know my mission and purpose.
  • Flip negatives to positives
  • To ensure I connect with my essence
  • A unique encounter where I could be a listener while another shared parts of themselves – life-affirming, realness and solidarity
  • Feeling part a shared experience with potential for growth
  • I feel in tune with my body.
  • Focus on being myself
  • Feeling balanced and open after Sacred Space