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Date(s) - 15/06/2021
7:00 pm

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P4G – POETRY4GRENFELL Recitation – 4Yr Grenfell Anniversary

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by Kamitan Arts

Tuesday 15th June 7pm (BST) ONLINE on Zoom


In memorial of the Grenfell 4Yr Anniversary, West London’s ‘homegrown’ artistic and culturally rich Kamtan Arts non-profit CIC and the @Poetry4Grenfell family will be hosting an online ‘come-unity’ recitation from the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ book (P4G) following our sold out online gathering last year during COVID-19. Featured artists and community member contributors from the P4G book will be sharing their vocal expressions with you all!

Also all our immediate and empathetic wider communities are welcome to contribute by either:

💚 – Reciting a poem from the P4G book (please have two options to hand)


💚 – Reciting a positively uplifting, hopeful poem/rap/song


💚 – Being in presence with us listening, observing, and taking in the creative healing

BOOK for the FREE Online Recitation HERE:



4Yr Grenfell Anniversary, bringing together local ‘come-unity’, Poets, Live Musicians, & Artists in solidarity ONLINE


To read or borrow the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ book pop into any one of your RBKC libraries or The National Poetry Library – Southbank, or local community centres/venues: The Curve, Acklam Village, Maxilla, Meanwhile Gardens, Henry Dickens, Peoples Sound, The Practise, The Clement James Centre…

Read some of the Poetry 4 Grenfell Adult’s Poetry here: 


Read some of the Poetry 4 Grenfell Children’s Poetry here:


“Poetry 4 Grenfell – Voices from da Grove & Latimer”

The “Poetry 4 Grenfell – Voices from da Grove and Latimer” book is a tribute to all affected by the fire and a result of the on-going workshops that Kamitan Arts had been running as an immediate response to the tragedy. Princess Emmanuelle, lifelong resident of Ladbroke Grove, founder of Kamitan Arts CIC, international bi-lingual Rap-Poetess and cross-disciplinary arts facilitator that uses the Performing Arts to share and explore topics of injustice and cultural identity to bring about social change, put a call out at the end of June for contributions to this heart-felt multilingual compilation. The collection of poems for the book and the initial workshops in June 2017, was what inspired the filming of the ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ Golden Trellick Heart award-winning ‘Best Art Film’ (Portobello Film Festival 2017) that our young Igor Barcelos had filmed, with much help from the community to edit, and directed by Emmanuelle Marcel ‘Ja’bbour.

The “Poetry 4 Grenfell” multi-lingual book includes the voices of local residents, the bereaved, the survivors and the empathetic wider community, from the ages of 3 – 77. It has been a creative means to amplify the voices and messages of our traumatised community that has usually been manipulated or misrepresented by the media. The Second Edition more Family Friendly version is now available! Come in take a look into our World, feel, watch and listen to the legacy that has been created by and for our ‘come-unity’. Allow yourself to draw upon the “Poetry 4 Grenfell” book for inspiration as you witness the inscribed written words and images; immortalising our memories through the written and oral testimonies, for indeed these dear souls will never be forgotten…

💚 💚 💚

This is a FREE event, yet we would very much appreciate any donation that you can kindly offer, which will positively impact our community very much as our small non-profit strives and thrives to sustain our free community projects post-Grenfell and COVID-19:


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To purchase a copy of ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ and support our cause:





For more info on our workshops, books and shows:




FB/Twitter: @KamitanArts @Poetry4Grenfell

Instagram: @kamitan_arts

We have a New YouTube Channel where we will be uploading highlights from Kamitan Arts’ Online sessions. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share!: Kamitan Arts



Last year’s online recitation for the Grenfell 3Yr Anniversary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=femVDyAZqrc&t=62s

The 9min shortened ‘P4G’ film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l5LvAtlivo&t=3s


“A heartfelt, vital and necessary collection of poetry. The community’s soul speaks volumes.” Courttia Newland, (Author, The Scholar: A Westside Story, Society Within, Snakeskin)

“It is my pleasure to welcome this publication by Kamitan Arts/ Poetry for Grenfell who have been both inspirational and therapeutic following the dreadful fire at Grenfell Tower. They have provided a positive artistic presence in North Kensington. My daughter has gained a renewed confidence and has thrived on their activities and performances she has taken part in this year. I wish them every success in the future.” Yvette Williams, MbE (Co-Founder of Justice 4 Grenfell)

“Poetry possesses the redemptive power of healing. It holds our hand and consoles us throughout the painful episodes on the journey of life.” Ishmahil Blagrove Jr. (Founder of Rice’N Peas)

” ‘The Trinidadian born political activist Claudia Jones (21 February 1915 – 24 December 1964) said “a people’s art is the genesis of their freedom”. The Poetry 4 Grenfell Project and this collection of writing embraces this tradition of art as tranformative process and shows us all how poetic expression has the power to heal. As a North Kensington resident of 26 years, a poet and grassroots community activist, I commend the work of my younger Sista Poet EmpresS *1 and all of the poets, of all ages ethnicities and faiths whom she has brought together to produce these truly beautiful, heart felt and powerful words. ASE OOO” I Sis Amlak (‘I Sis Poet’, Activist Poet)

“Poetry 4 Grenfell Project created a platform for traumatised survivors. This amazing project heard the voice of survivors when others stood still. An empowering concept that many from the mainstream should look upon for guidance. ‘Princess’ Emmanuelle Marcel ‘Ja’bbour leading the way in grassroots activism within the arts. Get involved and support the project to be heard on film and publication.” Iesha Slater, (Founder, Director, Producer and writer for Sonsha Productions – Published poet in Brown Eyes Shangwee Publications and Oxford Graduate as well as a survivor of multiple traumas in life.)


PLEASE NOTE: We will be filming and taking still images from these online sessions for Kamitan Arts’s portfolio and promotion on our social network platforms, if you do not authorise for your still/moving image taken or used by us please make sure to kindly turn off the camera icon at the bottom of your zoom screen.

IMPORTANT INFO: Please be aware that this will be a community friendly platform and we will not tolerate any disrespectful or inappropriate attitudes or behaviour; which may result in being removed from the online event.

Kamitan Arts adheres to GDPR, Data, Equal Opportunities, and strict Safeguarding Policies.


Thanking The Westway Trust for supporting this online gathering


Kamitan Arts CIC is a Non-Profit Community Company

Our objectives are to explore cultural identity and the heritage of our diverse community, as well as highlighting injustices and empowering women. We do this by promoting community cohesion and understanding of humanitarian issues through the performing arts. This includes workshops and productions in rap poetry, dance, drama, music, and film. Kamitan Arts works with many artists and youth practitioners from Kensington and Chelsea and beyond, thus we’re well-connected with the local voluntary and community sector. All our programmes are inclusive and we always observe, critique and evaluate the learning and apply this to future work. Our work has taken us to Brazil, Egypt, Europe and Sudan, as we continue to develop and implement cross-disciplinary arts and cultural projects, which connect people, build and empower communities and helps create social change.

Kamitan Arts CIC is a Non-Profit Community Company registered in England and Wales Reg No. 11216952