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“Hello! I am Agnes. I write poetry, intuitively, about life and all that exists and I help children to learn and achieve.” – Agnes Cawlyd

Everything Is Broken

Humanity is Blue

Changing the colour is up to you, me

Shall We?

Everything is broken

Everything is broken; broken mothers 
broken fathers broken children
broken homes broken families 
broken communities broken schools
broken employments broken leaders 
broken governments broken economies 
broken societies

Everything is broken

Can we fix it?

Yes we can!

We need to Heal Mothers Heal Fathers 
Heal Children Heal Homes 
Heal Families Heal Communities 
Heal Schools

Heal Employment Heal Leaders 
Heal Governments Heal Economies 
Heal Societies

Heal the broken pieces and ourselves

Heal our broken world

Let us pick up the broken pieces of Humanity by
joining as One in Love Peace and Unity